Current allies : SUN

1 Do Not Attack Other Bloods (or allies)

Willingly attacking, griefing, killing or looting a guildmate can get you booted or at best get a strike (having several strikes will end up getting you booted). This also applies to any of our allies. Do not grief, loot or attack allies. You should show as much respect to our allies than to your own guildmates.

If you loot a guildmate or allies you are required to give their stuff back.

Anyone outside of Blood or our alliances is free game.

2 Blood (and allies) before ALL else

This means if you see a Blood fighting another guild (non blood / non allied) don’t just run off. Help the Blood/allies to the best of your ability, even if the enemy is your friend, brother or wife it doesnt matter. You can do what you want on your own with friends outside of the guild but when a Blood comes in and wants to attack this non Blood you are to help the Blood.

It is best you warn the outside people you hang with that if a guildmate comes you will have to attack these outside people and it is best they either fight you knowing that or run away. Either way you are requested to help Blood guildmates (or allies).

3 Be mature and do NOT harass Guildmates

If you can’t act or converse in a mature manner with other members of Blood and allies do not apply. No drama

Restrain on trash talking other Bloods/allies. You don’t need to like everyone in Blood / Alliance but if there is someone you dont like just ignore them and if they are trying to start stuff with you report the situation to a core member for review and again ignore the trouble maker until the issue is solved.

Refrain from spamming IRC, ventrilo or the clan/alliance channels or from delibaratly offending your guildmates/allies.

4 Stay Informed & communicate with your guildmates

Staying up to date with all Blood info should help better our guild so please check often:

  • The rules page. Not knowing the rules is just as bad as breaking them.
  • The news page :
  • Ventrilo
  • IRC on #blood

5. Be self-sufficient.

You need to be able to take care of yourself with items, leveling and pking. If you cannot honor this then you don’t belong in Blood nor do you belong on Darkfall.

Everyone would love to be the guild’s crafter and be given items by others but its best you get those items on your own and if people are willing to give you items they will decide by themselves. Please do not beg for items in guild chat, irc or what else.

You shouldn’t take items from the guild’s bank unless given agreement by a core.