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Recent KOS

Strikes are given as warning to people breaking rules or not behaving properly. 3rd strike = KOS.

1st strike
07-22-07 Troy' 06-16-07 Simple Distraction 06-16-07 Patches O houlihan 06-15-07 Michaelsun 06-12-07 Cifu 06-07-07 Ion Dissonance 05-29-07 Tandras 05-20-07 Maladroit 05-13-07 Omnislash 05-09-07 Hell Yeah 05-09-07 Puppy Love 05-06-07 Black Wind III 04-27-07 Bo al-smith 04-26-07 Hannibal of Borg 04-26-07 Playa Slayar 04-24-07 Chik'n Hawk 04-21-07 Kitten Strangler 04-18-07 I puked on your sister 04-18-07 Kia' 04-15-07 Raging Viper 04-12-07 Laczek 04-01-07 Human Slayerr 04-01-07 Green Box 03-31-07 Byren 03-28-07 Pms Raging 03-26-07 Rishaden 03-20-07 Shadow Destroyer 03-15-07 Shizzly 03-13-07 Doomgaze of Koc 03-13-07 Vivisect 03-13-07 Copastetic 03-02-07 Blood Lovin 02-21-07 Grimfell 02-21-07 Mr-Owns 02-20-07 Siah of the B O L P 02-20-07 Hell 02-19-07 Annix 02-16-07 Skorm 02-15-07 Amenti 02-15-07 Dust Bunny 02-10-07 Dreadlordkookie 02-10-07 Moah d'ambre 02-09-07 Black Ace 02-08-07 Popple the Viking 02-07-07 Killah Tactics 02-07-07 Big-Easy 01-31-07 Bailee 01-30-07 Vollrath 01-29-07 Call of the Ktulu 01-24-07 Foil the Coil 01-22-07 Chupa 01-15-07 Elmster 12-28-06 Doc Roe 12-25-06 The Rapter 12-23-06 E-Rock 12-22-06 Dagger 11-20-06 Xantrax Mctank 11-07-06 Tuty 10-20-06 Malizia-The-Feard 08-26-06 Deoderant 07-19-06 Hauz 07-15-06 Native 05-30-06 Sar Rain 05-07-06 Falcon Blaze 04-01-06 Megamonkey 03-20-06 Hell-Demon 03-18-06 Seeshomaru 03-14-06 Helob 03-12-06 Nightime Peeker 03-12-06 Pure Godly 03-07-06 Wrath of Terror 03-05-06 Farah Orested 02-22-06 Mageaman 01-10-06 Goddess of War I 12-28-05 Pixy's 12-21-05 Ivan Ooze 12-09-05 A Cold Logistic Slaughter 12-09-05 Darkster 11-09-05 Team Captain Nine 10-27-05 Branco 10-18-05 Ryan ibn al-s-flower 10-13-05 Hydrogen Peroxide 10-13-05 Gimp to the max 10-10-05 Junova 10-06-05 Dominion 09-23-05 Physical Graffiti 09-07-05 Rage OG 09-07-05 Faceless Carnage 09-04-05 Gellink 09-04-05 Oblit 09-03-05 Dread Lord Gigglepie 08-31-05 White Angle 08-30-05 Captain Karlstad 08-30-05 S U M M O N S 08-29-05 Ghaslon Tou 08-24-05 I Love Lamp 08-24-05 Collectiv Unconscious 08-24-05 Tiger's 08-22-05 Beastemon 08-20-05 Buh-Bye 08-15-05 Xantrax McOwnage 08-12-05 Blue Player 08-11-05 The Timulus 08-09-05 Night Spirit 08-09-05 Telgar's Revenge 08-08-05 William Wallace' 08-06-05 Kono Hito 08-06-05 Re-de-mer 08-02-05 Gracus 07-29-05 Mighty Z 07-29-05 Odif 07-29-05 Glix 07-29-05 Go the hell back to FF 07-28-05 Sam the Outlaw 07-28-05 Fluffybanana 07-27-05 Infernis 07-19-05 Floggin molly 04-21-05 Kor 04-21-05 A-o-C 08-31-04 Wrath of Klink 08-28-04 Shmoth-II 07-10-04 Nova-x 06-24-04 Pritack 06-11-04 Encanta 06-11-04 Arinhan 06-02-04 The Lord Lobius 04-25-04 Lynched 03-04-04 Krypy 02-25-04 Roxoration 02-23-04 Highagain 02-15-04 Veil Chop
2nd strike


Much has gone on

(Jun 08 2007) Here is the update of what has taken place over the past month Read more.

Following the Current path of Domination

(Mar 16 2007) In depth Blood loyalty Read more.

Blood Website addition

(Feb 16 2007) All Blood movies will be viewable from this website Read more.

Blood rule reinstated

(Jan 07 2007) Blood is once again 50+ Read more.

Past two years of Bloodtide

(Dec 22 2006) Small video made resently Read more.

All is well in Bloodtide

(Nov 30 2006) ownage continues on all fronts Read more.

2 new Programs for Blood

(Oct 17 2006) everything you'll ever need for PKing Read more.

Sunday the 17th , Bloods one year anniversary with Harley-Quinn at the helm

(Sep 17 2006) As thanks to those in Blood, I put on 16 events over the 24 hour day Read more.

Blood Deals a Damaging Blow to Grael while other guilds are hiding inside their Mansion's

(Aug 20 2006) Branco has struck the final blow, shattering the Abyssal Totem of Grael! The Heart-Render shrieks in rage as part of his soul has been split! The mages of King Varicci and Queen Elysa work spells of holding to keep the Black Spear weakened and the rulers Read more.

A month away

(Aug 04 2006) Max Evil is now added as a core to take over some of the burden of Blood Read more.

Few Notes on new Recruitment policies

(Jul 14 2006) Blood is gaining and growing, slow and steady and we plan on keeping it that way. Read more.

Ahead of the all the rest

(May 18 2006) After Dozens shot for taking the monarchy name Blood, the name falls to its rightful owner. Read more.

Back to Normal

(May 05 2006) The Blood - Fallen god, two week truce has come to an end Read more.

Sut aka Weezing comming back from break

(Apr 27 2006) back from vacation 1.May Read more.

2 Weeks that will be long remembed

(Apr 21 2006) Blood is officaly at truce with Fallen God for the time Read more.

Influx of Members

(Mar 16 2006) Latest news on the state of Blood and a new restriction on who joins Read more.

Close the Book on another Blood wannabi

(Feb 27 2006) Extreme Power has fallen apart Read more.

Blood Out lasts another Blood' Light

(Feb 11 2006) First Sang , then Player Killa Kings , next Extreme Power Read more.

AFK untill end of april

(Jan 28 2006) -SUT Read more.

Aftermath of the Split

(Jan 11 2006) Days later, Blood is showing gains. Read more.

Mass Defections Nothing new to Blood

(Jan 07 2006) Early Saturday Morning while most slept, a mass defenction was carried out Read more.

Everyone Welcome a New core

(Dec 13 2005) Cid was selected as the newest Blood rentacore Read more.

Blood Rules

(Oct 07 2005) Updated rules for those of you who have forgotten or been out of the loop for while Read more.

Xp chain starting up

(Sep 23 2005) XP chain Closed Read more.

Moving Forward

(Sep 19 2005) The person who rebirthed Blood has stepped down Read more.

Bloodtide is now known as Blood'

(Aug 29 2005) Tag change, Mansion change... Read more.

Lugian rule additions and Blood monarchy notes

(Aug 23 2005) intro Read more.

Looking for a tinker?

(Aug 17 2005) Here are a list of some of bloods main tinkers and who you can trust. Read more.

Blood VIPK list and Fellowship rules.

(Aug 06 2005) Much needed rules for hunting spots goes up today and takes affect now Read more.

No longer got time to play

(Aug 05 2005) I sold my character, The Jackel II, to a good friend of mine. I no longer have time to play and there for i decided to sell my char and retire for now. Read more.

(Ab)use of the Allegiance Channel

(Jul 25 2005) Since BloodTide numbers have exploded over the last month I feel it is necesary to update people on the rules regarding use of the allegiance channel. Read more.

Expansion Goes Live Today!!!

(Jul 17 2005) If you haven't picked up your copy yet you probably should. Read more.

Decepticons old Friends are back!

(Jul 10 2005) A welcome back to some Old blood's and old friends! Read more.

Changes being made to Blood leveling spots.

(Jun 29 2005) New rule being enforced for leveling dungeons. Read more.

A Welcome back to some old friends!

(Jun 26 2005) I would like to wish Seth-Drone, Little Drone, and some of our old Danish friends a warm welcome back to Darktide! Read more.

Piggy is back in town!

(May 22 2005) Another old loyal Blood is now back to AC! Read more.


(Apr 10 2005) I want to give a special thanks to all the loyal active bloods as well as the new bloods that have been actively out and raiding. We should be purchasing a mansion within the next day or two for easier access/raiding/leveling to dungeons related to mansio Read more.

It's about that time again...

(Mar 17 2005) Blood is Back! Read more.

World of Warcraft Open Beta

(Oct 31 2004) Full details + download URL inside... Read more.

New Lifetank2 V9.5 Is Out!

(Oct 01 2004) Lifetank expired today. new version only fixes expire! Read more.

Want to level your reroll?

(Sep 28 2004) New info on level requirement... Read more.

New ventrillo server is up....

(Sep 05 2004) Download URL, Installation guide and Server IP inside... Read more.

Updates...Officers, XP Chain, etc

(Sep 01 2004) We decided not to wait for Turbine to add some Allegiance Officers... Read more.

New Lifetank 2 V9.3 & Getting removed from Minipk KoS List

(Aug 25 2004) Lifetank update with new expiration date and a few fixes... and a thread to put names of Bloods who ended up on the mini-PK KoS list by mistake... Read more.

Blood Mansion

(Aug 19 2004) Due to our recent growth in numbers and the announcements made by Turbine to improve mansions, we felt it was time to make a move to a new mansion. The location will sound quite familiar to everyone... Read more.

Mini-PK fix for auto-log

(Aug 16 2004) Courtesy of Blacksoul Read more.

Upcoming Changes....

(Aug 04 2004) intro Read more.

Due to rl issues I have to leave AC

(Jul 23 2004) I got a new job in june Read more.


(Jul 21 2004) Kill sangs or make 50mil/hr Read more.

New Lifetank2 V9.2 Is Out!

(Jul 12 2004) Version 9.2 UPDATED Read more.

New Blood Core!

(Jun 28 2004) Everyone welcome Mad Taz as our newest addition. Read more.

I'm stepping down and leaving AC

(Jun 25 2004) Details inside... Read more.

Villa swap

(Jun 24 2004) We've been swapping villa with the portal bots villa... Read more.

+2 to all magic schools

(Jun 22 2004) Just to remind you that in the monarchy villa's courtyard there is a Head of Homunculus which when double clicked will grant you +2 in all 4 magic schools (for free and without having to accomplish any quest). Thx to Eight aka Bundle O Joy for the item. Rak -=KoC=-

Lifetank 2 (Free for Bloods) version 8.9

(Jun 20 2004) Removed SmartFilter, Introduced Darkside Filter, Fixed Patron Authorization issues, Expiration date set to 20th of August, ... Read more.

Lifetank 2 (Free for Bloods) version 8.8

(Jun 14 2004) Added option to select attack height in melee/archer mode, added Death Alarm to alert you when your macro somehow managed to get owned, added support for the new item banes changes... Read more.

Blood is back in Lin!

(Jun 09 2004) 4.5 years after founding our monarchy in this town, we are back in Lin! Each time you type "/allegiance hometown", you will end up in the middle of Lin... Read more.

Website moving

(Jun 07 2004) The website has moved to a faster location, causing an IP change in the process. It may be unavailable for a few hours for those who's DNS haven't updated yet. Rak -=KoC=-

Lifetank 2 (Free for Bloods) version 8.7

(Jun 06 2004) A new version of the macroing program has been released... Read more.

Lifetank 2 (Free for Bloods) Updated

(May 21 2004) A version of Lifetank 2, working with the new patch and our new Bloodtide monarchy tag has been released. Lifetank 2 is a sophisticated macro program including a PK & death logger... Read more.

Keeping our ranks clean

(May 13 2004) Thanks to the new patch, new ways are given to us to keep our ranks somewhat clean... Read more.

The palm of wannabeism goes to...

(May 11 2004) With Cannes festival opening this week, I can already tell you who will be getting the palm for wannabeism... Read more.

Bloodthirst is out: 3.6.0 (Blood-Only Plugin) and it works with our new Bloodtide monarchy tag!

(Apr 28 2004) Bloodthirst is our monarchy pvping & communication plugin. No other monarchy has access to it and it has special features other plugins don't offer. Read more.

Raiding portal bots

(Apr 22 2004) Several portal bots have been set East of our monarchy"s villa with portals to raiding spots. Bloodtide has Sclavus temple & AB, Blood P-K has Olthoi Tunnels and Wasp Dungeon. Enjoy the raids! Rak -=KoC=-

Mini PK

(Apr 20 2004) Mini PK has been updated to work with our new monarchy Tag. Read more.

Welcome to Bloodtide!

(Apr 17 2004) Bloodtide reached level 126 this morning. Coco Chanel swore to him. Bloodtide will be our new tag since Blood was hacked/deleted. Read more.

The King is Dead, All Hail the King

(Apr 16 2004) Those who thought hacking/deleting Blood would kill it were lightyears from the truth.From its incinerated cinders, the phoenix shall rise. Lots of really nice things are coming up... Read more.

Monarchy tag (update)

(Apr 13 2004) With all these server maintenances, the server patch, and the fact that decal won't be available for some time after patch, added to one of our leveler burning his computer early this week, the tag change is delayed to next week. Rak -=KoC=-

Monarchy tag

(Apr 08 2004) While we haven't given up on recovering the Blood tag from Turbine, we will reveal our new tag as it will have been leveled to 126 sometimes in the middle to end of next week. Rak -=KoC=-

Our New Monarchy Villa at a PRIME location

(Apr 06 2004) Where is our "mansion"? Why didn't we take Mayoi back? Here are all the answers you're waiting for. Read more.

Worked a fix with Turbine, we now have /a chat is back. More infos on Blood later on

(Apr 05 2004) intro Rak -=KoC=-

PK detection plugin

(Apr 05 2004) With BT currently down we asked Rim (author of minipk) to configure it for us. He accepted and loaded our KoS list in it. - KTV Read more.

Blood account hacked. Coco Chanel is our temporary tag

(Apr 04 2004) More infos inside this thread. Read more.


(Apr 04 2004) With Blood most likely being hacked and the mansion being released we have been working on ... Read more.

Dispell nerf - faster buffing - new armors

(Mar 29 2004) The April lttp has been released and contains some great news, especially the introduction of the PK timer for dispells Read more.

Blood Ventrilo Server back up.

(Mar 21 2004) The server is back up, connect there when u want to raid. KTV

Complete cell.dat file: no more download ingame

(Mar 19 2004) DM is finally available for download. The interesting thing is the size of this release, it it 306 mb instead of the ~ 100 Mb of the version that was previously available from MS. Read more.

Bloodthirst 3.5.9 is out! (Blood-Only Plugin)

(Mar 16 2004) This version fixes problems with the KoS list refresh.Every Blood should be using it, as it offers great communication, war spells detection, hot spots info, ... Read more.

Blood xp chains

(Mar 08 2004) After many tests, Blood xp chains are back! Read more.

It's time to set new targets

(Mar 06 2004) Blood has spent the past weeks reorganizing to adapt to the new patch and to clean its ranks from the trash. It's now time to set new goals... Read more.

Download Plug-ins section

(Mar 04 2004) A new section has been added to the website... Read more.

Lifetank 2 (Blood-Only Plugin) Updated expiration date!

(Mar 02 2004) Lifetank 2 has been updated with a new expiration date.... Read more.

Patch day...

(Feb 23 2004) Today is patch day. What is going to happend to the monarchy and chains after this patch? Read more.

Invincible Doomgays push the wannabeism a step further

(Feb 22 2004) Here is the story of the biggest wannabes ever seen on DT... Read more.

Lifetank 2: Blood-Only macroing program is back!

(Feb 16 2004) Lifetank 2 is available to DL again. The program will be Blood only again too... Read more.

Sir Pigglet aka Akuma's pk player the scammer...

(Feb 15 2004) We kicked that guy for scamming, he was then begged by Invincible Doomgaze to join them, he left them and they try to cover his departure by adding him to their kos for scamming... Here is the truth... Read more.

Doom's elite trash

(Feb 14 2004) If you can scam, hack, and steal RL cash from people, Invincible Doomgaze will beg you to join them and refuse to kick you when strong evidences of your guilt are provided. Read more.

Strikes, Allegiance Chat, ...

(Feb 14 2004) In order to continue making Blood a better place, we're introducing Strikes. Strikes will be used to warn Bloods who commit minor offenses to the rules... Read more.

Bloodthirst new version is out: Bloodthirst 3.5.8!

(Feb 09 2004) This should stop all the lame rumors about Blood loosing Bloodthirst.Everyone MUST download this new version... Read more.

Answering Addiction's Call for attention

(Feb 08 2004) Reading Addiction's usual call for attention on VN boards, I figured I'd answer it properly by enlightning those who are new to DT or forgot certain events similar to the ones which just occured... Read more.

Happy 4 years anniversary Blood!

(Feb 05 2004) On February the 6th 2000, a group of friends got together under a common tag known as Blood.Who would have thought this monarchy would last so long and be at the center of Darktide's history. Read more.

Status on Blood...

(Feb 05 2004) This is all you have to know about Blood to get the latest news, to get the latest Blood only plugins, to get into Blood chains, and to communicate with the other Bloods. Read more.

Interview with the wannabe Bloods known as Invincible Doomgaze

(Feb 04 2004) Is Invincible Doomgaze monarchy a "Big Familly"? For those wondering how these wannabe Blood behave with each other, read this small interview ;-) Read more.

Invincible Doomgaze not so invincible...

(Feb 03 2004) After breaking Blood's chain, Invincible Doomgaze and his new monarchy decided to bring the lameness a step further down the belt by raiding mansion and TKing Bloods, showing once more where their loyalty to Blood stands. They got owned righ away... :) Read more.

Blood getting rid of Addiction (Camel Wide) and Doomgaze (Invincible Doomgaze)

(Jan 30 2004) Why aren't they Blood anymore? The answer is in this post... Read more.

Blood entering a new era...

(Jan 28 2004) You may have heard all sorts of rumors about Blood's original leadership and founders coming back and cleaning the house.These rumors are true. Read more.


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